Careful, Or You’ll Break Her

She’s not as resilient as she used to be…

Why is it that the older we get, the harder it is to heal from falls, cuts, bruises, or hell even the common cold seems to last longer in our 40’s. I’m an awkwardly-clumsy person who falls at least 3 times per year, and as the years go by, the falls get scarier, and the bruising lasts longer, and take more care to heal.

That’s kinda how I look at love. I can recall my days as a teenager, having a schoolgirl or neighborhood crush, blushing whenever a guy I was crushing on would show me ANY kind of attention, writing his name in my notebook over and over, then writing my first name with his last name to see how it’d look when we get married, ’cause that’s what crushes led to…right? Seems like only yesterday that a relationship status was determined by way of passing a little note up or back to your crush and the box they opted to check…..hmmm the good old you like me

But if for some reason they didn’t like you the same way, then you found yourself having to call off the wedding, change your name back to your own last name in all of your folders and diaries, snatch the drawings of you 2 together off of your wall, unlearn all of the love songs that you’d dedicated to him in your head, and try to avoid explaining to your mother why you all of a sudden have a loss of appetite. In your head, you guys were gonna live happily ever after, and now it’s over. WHEW, but that was about the extent of heartbreak. Eventually, you found yourself crushing on someone else, and life went on.

Falling didn’t hurt so much back then. But as we get older the heart isn’t mended as easily as it was when we were younger. Perhaps damaged from all of the wear and tear it’s suffered from falling in and out of love with the wrong people. Jumping back in too quick instead of allowing it time to heal between relationship disappointments. Oft times we put a bandage on it, say we’re okay, and move right along, when in fact it should be treated Gingerly and allowed to heal completely before being thrown back to the “wolves”. broken-heart_0 2

If only we could predict the future, save our selves heartbreak and pain, but we can’t. All we can do is jump, and pray we land safely, trying not to break anything in the process.

Careful, you may just fall harder than you expected.


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Thoughts of a single empty nester, who is enjoying the many things this new life of mine has to offer. The good, the bad, the ugly, all right here in blog form.

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