Taking A Shot At Love

There’s a certain Strut she does when she knows that he’s watching her, and ohhhhh, how he loves watching her. He couldn’t help himself, he’d been digging her for as long as he could remember, and after finally convincing her to go on at least one date with him, here they were, 4 months later in LOVE.

He could remember it like it was yesterday. He sent her an inbox message via Facebook, shooting his best shot, he knew she had many admirers. Anytime she posted a picture, they’d come out of the woodwork in droves, all vying for her attention by way of a response to their subliminal flirts. But he’d watched how she thwarted the advances with graceful panache, and he admired that about her. She was smart, witty, gorgeous, funny, and could provoke one to think about their entire life with just one Facebook post. By the time he’d gotten up the nerves to ask her out, he was already quite taken with everything about her.

Being that he’d been one to follow her posts to the “T”, he knew what made her happy, and what she liked to do. He knew he had to set himself apart from the rest if he had any chance at her saying yes to going out with him.

“Okay, you’ve got this, just hit send, surely she won’t turn down an invitation to a winery, where there is dancing, poetry, and a live performance by Marsha Ambrosius”.will you go out with me

When she 1st opened the message she was surprised that he’d finally made a move. There was something about him that intrigued her. He wasn’t the most handsome guy, but he was always a gentleman to her on Facebook. He didn’t appear to be “thirsty”. His subtle responses and corny jokes always made her smile. Some days he’d post a song that resonated with her soul. It was as if he had some kind of insight into how she was feeling. She’d comment here and there, hoping he’d notice that she’d like for him to ask her out, but nothing…until now. So, of course, she said yes. 

He arrived to pick her up at exactly 7:30 just as he’d said he would. He rang the doorbell right as she was walking to the door. She opened it to find him standing there with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

hmmm, he’s a lot cuter in person, should I invite him in? And how thoughtful of him to bring flowers”. 

He stood there, in the doorway, drinking in her beauty. “wow, she’s even more gorgeous in person”. He could tell that she was happy and surprised by the flowers. He instantly fell more for her when she looked up at him as if she was looking into his soul. What was she seeing? He hoped that she was not disappointed with him, he knew he wasn’t one of the handsome, macho types who normally pursued her. She invited him in and he respectfully declined, he knew that if he took her up on the offer, they’d never make the show, because he’d surely take her in his arms and kiss her until the night had passed away.

She asked him to give her a minute as she placed the flowers into some water. When she returned to the door, he leaned in for a hug, not sure if she’d reciprocate, to which she did. And just as he figured, she smelled like heaven, and he himself didn’t smell so bad either. She actually closed her eyes as she hugged him, and to her surprise, his arms felt like home. As they walked to the car, they both had the smiles of teenagers going on their first date. He opened her door, and though he tried not to look, he noticed how beautiful her long legs were as she slid into the passenger seat, her dress rising a tad bit above her knees, but the beautiful green dress she was wearing had a split, which gave him a peep at her thighs. He couldn’t help but wonder if it was ironic considering she’d asked his favorite color, which is green.

The date was Fantastic. He was so glad he’d gotten up the nerves to ask her out. They actually couldn’t keep their hands off one another. He’d sat next to her at the table due to the venue being a little smaller than he’d thought. and she was a touchy-feely person, which was fine by him. Every time she laughed (and he was totally smitten with her laugh), she’d touch his shoulder. Whenever she wanted to say something to him, she’d lean in and touch his hand, as if to talk to not only him but as if to softly speak to his soul. And when they danced, the chemistry, the synchronicity, the way their bodies seemed familiar with one another. At one point he was sure they were going to kiss, but he wanted to remain a gentleman.

When the night was over, he felt an overwhelming sadness. He wasn’t ready for it to end. It had been all that he’d wanted it to be and more. When they arrived back to her place, he put the car in park, mistakenly grazing her thigh as he reached for the gear. He instantly felt nervous and hoped that she didn’t think he’d done it on purpose. But when he looked up at her, she was blushing.

She knew that he hadn’t touched her thigh on purpose, but when he did, it sent something through her that she hadn’t felt in a while. She felt herself smile, as she looked up at him, and before she could understand what was happening, she leaned and kissed him. There in the car, magic happened, they fell for one another that night. Their souls seemed to recognize each other. As if they’d waited a lifetime to unite.

Since that night, they’ve been inseparable. So as she got up to make him breakfast in bed, early that brisk Sunday morning, after another night of passionate lovemaking, he watched her as he’d been doing since that 1st date. And he thanked God, as he’d been doing every day, that she was in his life.

As she was walking out of the bedroom, he called her name, and when she turned around to answer, he was on one knee, holding a ring.


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