Hit and Run

Irreparable Damage?

Recently,  a friend of mine was in a hit and run car accident leaving work. He was minding his business, going about his day, headed home to his family, excited about the work day ending, getting to the house having a glass of wine and dinner with the wife, catching a little T.V to wind down from the day’s work. Playing with his son right before he tucks him into bed. You know, the average day.

As he turned out of the parking lot, a young lady came barreling down the hill from his left and clipped his rear end. Okay, it shook him up, but he gathered himself, stepped out of his car to Study the damage, as the young lady got out of her car as well. His left rear end was definitely damaged, and he drives a pretty expensive car, this had put a damper on the good mood he was in, but okay, once the police come and they exchange insurance information, he can go on about his business, it’s not totaled for sure, still drivable, there’ll just be the minor inconvenience of taking his car to the shop, renting a car etc.

The young lady told him she was going to her car to retrieve her insurance info, he turned his back to further examine the damage, and before he knew it, she’d made a U-turn and high tailed it out of there. He didn’t even have time to write down her license plate number, just a description of the car.

So now, he’s left with trying to figure out how to get his car repaired, sure, he could take it to a repair shop, foot the cost of the repair himself as not to have the price of his insurance rise due to someone else’s negligence and being inconsiderate, but even once repaired, the foundation has been damaged, he’ll forever cautiously look before leaving the parking lot even when he knows he has the right away, he’ll find himself double and triple checking. He’ll suspiciously check out any car that resembles hers. Although still happy to leave work daily to head home to his family, it’ll be a while before he forgets how it felt that day to have his car hit, and for someone to not care at all about the damage they left. Her car wasn’t nearly new as his, and it was already a little damaged, so maybe this is what she’s used to doing, but for him, it was a traumatic experience. And the emotional damage from the questions of why, and how someone could do this to another human will always remain.

Such are heartbreaks….


Published by kitaredd

Thoughts of a single empty nester, who is enjoying the many things this new life of mine has to offer. The good, the bad, the ugly, all right here in blog form.

10 thoughts on “Hit and Run

  1. Hi beautiful! This was a great read. As you may know I am working on my relationship with God and I often wonder how We can do or have done people a certain way. How can things be fixed if we were brave enough to try to fix things we have done wrong. I need your works published and you doing book signings somewhere….:0)

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