Can You Feel It?

There is a certain peace…an unexplained peace that happens in your life when you allow yourself to stand in the middle of the “Feel”.

When you allow yourself to just BE!! No social media, no negative distractions nor thoughts, no expectations, no fake being, no trying to please anyone but yourself, no feeling harried to return phone calls or text messages, no one expecting you to be their answer to happiness. Just YOU, the Universe, and your feelings.

Taking in the elements and letting them arouse your 5 senses…

Feeling EVERYTHING. Laughing harder at movies and feeling genuine appreciation for the actor’s gifts.

The Feeling of standing outside, barefoot, eyes closed, breathing in the fresh air, appreciating the earth and ALL of its wonderful creatures and creations. The Sound of birds chirping and crickets (doing whatever crickets do, I don’t know what that sound is..singing, chirping, cricketing… Idk, but enjoying it. lol).

Sitting in a hot tub of water as you fire up the candles, allowing the aroma of rosemary, and lavender to take you to an entirely different world. A world where peace abounds, love is abundant, and there is no space or time. Ummm, the Smell is so intoxicating. And the water is the perfect calm for the soul

Taking time to enjoy the Taste of every morsel of food you eat. Being able to identify each flake of seasoning used on it. Slowly chewing, no rush to finish so you can get back to “life” and all of its many demands.

Appreciation for the trees, and the clouds, and the beautiful skies you See while out for your new love of walks that you take daily now.

How can one not know the universe is love, and it provides you with everything you need, even when you don’t know you need it?

Life becomes so simple and magnificent when you allow it to wash all over you, like a cool summer rain, in the middle of a humid, 102-degree day. Running, splashing, laughing, and knowing that although it’s raining right now the sun is always right there behind the clouds and that this moment, the one you’re in is supposed to be felt, embraced even. The effect of rain is usually growth.

The universe is one of the greatest relationships you can have. It listens intently and provides you with what you put into your vibration. If you’re authentic to your soul and its desires, the universe has your back. Sit and listen to it, share your thoughts with it. Breathe, feel, appreciate, desire, and KNOW that you are loved. In ALL that you do, there is love to be found and reciprocated.


Published by kitaredd

Thoughts of a single empty nester, who is enjoying the many things this new life of mine has to offer. The good, the bad, the ugly, all right here in blog form.

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