Kita Redd Adventures Aboard Royal Caribbean… Bermuda Bound

“Anthem Of the Seas”

This ship is fricken AMAZING!!! Carnival would literally have to step their game up time 1000 to compare. This ship was like Buckhead, Alpharetta, Vinings, Peachtree City and Midtown on water. Totally epic. You would need to cruise it at least 2 to 3 times to even explore the entire ship, as it is HEWGE!!!!!



Let’s start with the dining. I despise buffet style dining as my mind won’t allow me to not wonder what the person before me had been doing with their hands before they picked up the spoon. So they gross me out. On carnival I usually opt for the grills where they prepare the food as opposed to the buffet. Well RC’s AOTS has 6 sinks at both entrances of their buffet (which I realize I didn’t get a pic of) and staff is there to ensure no one enters without 1st hitting them sanks shawty!!!! I think that is AWESOME!!! And it sure makes my OCD feel good.


Then once you’re in the buffet area, it is SPEC-TAC-U-LARRRRRRRRRRR (Oprah voice). It’s so damn clean, and pretty, and so many options, even for my vegan-tarian self. Fresh fruit like they are having it flown in everyday. The meat looks so good and fresh that I almost back slid a few times, but I know I would get sick at this point. Desert bars, taco bars, burger bars, Asian bars. Also there are buffets located throughout the ship. So you’re not confined to one area and a bunch of folks in order to enjoy it. Yawl, I ate so much that at one point I wanted to cut my stomach off my body and scrape it out. But only so that I could have room to eat some more. Smh…. I could go on and on. But I’m making myself hungry.



So, now, let’s talk about the swimming pools and Jacuzzi. I want to say this boat had at least 10. At LEAST!!! So there was never a need to feel crowded. There was a regular swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a wade pool and some sort of whirlpool thingy that stirred you around it as you swam and then a pool inside of a pool on the lido deck, where they also had a movie on the big screen every night.



Then you could go inside on the lido where there were pretty much the same thing inside. All those pools. All of those I named were family friendly. But then there was a WHOLE ‘nother area inside of inside that you had to be at least 16 to enter called “The Solarium” that dons another 5 or 6 pools in different varieties a couple of bars and even a couple’s swing…. Listen. And all of these areas provided OUTSTANDING views to the ocean. Like I can’t even describe.


Then you have the areas where you waited for the elevators, which I’m going to have to Google how many elevators this ship had. But there were a TON, most of which were glass. And they changed the day of the week on the floor in each of them daily. The elevators that weren’t glass, had unique animal art on the walls. *update…there are only 16 elevators on the ship. Seems there were more. But, I googled it.


There are about 2 or 3 beautiful theatres on the ship. I had a chance to enjoy a comedy show which was HILARIOUS in one of them.

The shopping is RIDICULOUS on that ship. It’s comparable to Lenox Square here in Atlanta. Lots of upscale shops. I didn’t take a lot of pics of the stores. I don’t have a lot of storage left on my phone, and that wasn’t a biggie for me. My bday gift to myself is a camera though.


There is a BEAUTIFUL library, a nightclub, a casino that looks like it stepped right off a Vegas strip, plenty of coffee shops, sky diving, a skating rink, bumper cars, rock climbing, a ride called “North Star” that lifts you above the ship, fancy, fancy, fancy dining. Even a Johnny Rockets, and Chops Steak House is aboard this ship.



The staff was amazing. My room… OMG. Better than the Ritz Carlton. I take my own pillow case and sheet whenever I travel as I don’t really trust that of where I’m staying. Just a habit. This room was so immaculate that I didn’t even feel I needed either of them. And my balcony….. STELLARRRRRRRRR!!! The view, the lounge chairs. UHM!!! Flat screen tv in the room, glass shower doors, bathroom was clean. I ALWAYS line the toilet when I’m on a cruise or at a hotel. Didn’t feel the need to on this ship. After my initial Lysol wipe down, I felt I was good the rest of the cruise.


This ship has the most beautiful chairs throughout. Unique, pretty chairs. As well as art. Interactive billboards/bulletin boards are located at the elevators, and restaurant entrances.

There are iPads located throughout to check your account and daily activities, as well as to make reservations for shows, and some other stuff. Didn’t get pics of it though. The Guest services area is also BEAUTIFUL.

In case you want to take the family, there are plenty of things for kids of all ages to do. They have an entire room dedicated to pre-teens and teens. It’s called “The Living Room”. Daily activities are planned for them. They even had a prom night. Lol. Awwwwwwe. And there were things planned for the little ones during the day as well.


Overall, I give this ship, and experience a solid TEN stars. I would do it all over again. This is my 4th cruise in the last 15 months, all were GREAT, but this one outdid it’self. I want to cruise a few other ships now to see how they stack up against this one. So many ships, so little time. lol.


Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment, and share your experiences…  Below are a few random pics. Enjoy!!


edit……. all of the things I listed above were FREE. With the exception of some of the upscale restaurants. I didn’t partake in some of the activities like the sky diving and such because you did have to have a reservation, and being that I was on vacay, I wasn’t trying to have a schedule. I ate at random, except for the Chef’s table, and slept at random and played and swam at random.


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4 thoughts on “Kita Redd Adventures Aboard Royal Caribbean… Bermuda Bound

  1. ok… will you PLEASE adopt me as your new travel FRIEND 😆 I will dm you my number .. please forward me all dates and places YOU THINK you want to travel.. I can no longer live vicariously through you.. I must live in living color with you😍

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  2. Looks like u had an awesome adventure! I have cruised Oasis of the Seas and RC ships are HUGE and very beautiful. I think it’s time to go again

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