The Artist and The Musician

Their meeting wasn’t by chance.

SHE was an artist in every sense of the way. She was a creative writer, detailed in her story telling. It felt like you were there, watching the characters as she so vividly catered to your imagination. Her own imagination was just as wild and free as she was. She also used her body in expressive ways when she danced. She could conjure love through her movement, and When she sang, it was if the heavens were sending angels through her vocal cords to bless the soul of the world. SHE was a true artist. Her greatest gift being the way she could make a story come to life through her paintings. The detail in the colors and the strokes. How one painting could be… “naturalistic”, clear, concise, detailed beautifully, with no need to try and figure out its meaning, or purpose. Yet the next, so abstract, that one could literally stand in front of it for days, and not understand from what dark part of her soul it came.

HE was a talented musician. He could play just about every instrument ever invented. His fingers… THEY themselves… it was like little different souls occupied each one. They could make a piano seem but a lowly body, used for their amusement, the way they would play each key, every note, a beautiful wailing of being touched by his nimble fingers. When he played the violin, watching the perfect piece of carved wood nestled gently under his chin, cradled and held safely with one hand, as the other stroked the strings with his bow. His eyes closed, you could tell he was making love to it in his mind. And the violin was pleased with his work. The sounds that came from it,. you knew. Music to him, was what food is to others. It fed him, it pleased him, it nourished him.

Whenever they got together, it was as if they fit like the needle to the grooves of your favorite 12 inch. The anticipation of being in the presence of the other made every breath deeper, made both hearts beat faster and somehow they could feel themselves redeveloping childhood butterflies even though they’ve known each other for years.

They’d both been on their own life’s journey , experiencing pain, heartbreak, and emotional trauma. Each time healing themselves through their “art”! Each time, vowing that the “last time, was the last time”! And both sticking to their guns for the most part, until their paths crossed! It was if it was fate, destiny, it wasn’t in their hands, it just happened, and Half the time neither could still understand how they let their guard down for the other, or even how they’d gotten so close so fast, yet they understood that, This part of the journey isn’t theirs, it solely belongs to Twin Spirits that, in the beginning of time promise to find each other through every generation for the duration of time. These two, even though unrecognizable by the physical makeup would always know “Home” by the ways their Spirits played and danced, sang and every conversation was as if they were catching up on this life.

The Artist, so talented she is, not only could she craft a work of art to rival Van Goh, she could also “Draw” the life of love out of him, the love he held loved for only one soul, one spirit…his Twin. And every time he looked into her eyes, he saw glimpses of lifetimes, past lives. Her eyes were the window to HIS soul!!!

The Musician, a talented virtuoso, skills ranging from Beethoven to Fritz Kreisler, to Boccherini to even the late great B.B. King!!! This man could create a melody in her that made her soul dance for the universe!! Her heart would become the drum in the background to his music, the way it beat for him!!

Some of the worlds most beautiful masterpieces are created by tortured souls. Souls unaware of who they are, why they’re here, never fully capable of loving nor accepting love. They only know how to pour their heart into their work. Whether it’s by writing, painting, dancing, playing and writing music, or poetry. Artists know how to let their souls bleed into their work.

To watch 2 twin soul artists, find one another, in THIS life, is to bear witness to a cataclysmic romance. Sometimes filled with overwhelming emotional trauma, fueled by a love so deep, it surpasses their own understanding, so they hurt one another without trying. But on the other end, to be in the presence of these souls when they are fully aligned with themselves, and one another. Vibrating on levels that shift a room when they walk in. Operating at a frequency that only few will comprehend.

THAT is when you get to behold the greatest art ever created through music!!

THEY are art…THEY are music…THEY are twin flames…THEY are forever over many lifetimes…THEY are love…


Art by Lisete Alcalde!


Published by kitaredd

Thoughts of a single empty nester, who is enjoying the many things this new life of mine has to offer. The good, the bad, the ugly, all right here in blog form.

4 thoughts on “The Artist and The Musician

  1. Girl!!!!!!! You never let me down! You’re amazing! It’s like you’ve been on my love journey with me. The ups, the downs, turns, and the twist. Just for us to try to become friends (we’re still working on it). Love it💞💞💞💞💞

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    1. Denise, this has been a whole lot of work. I am HORRIBLE with trying to friendships with exes. But I guess this time is different. Remain steadfast darling,


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