My Poetic Side: Nikki Lynn

Watch My Soul Speak (1)

Uncontrolled Love

Uncontrolled love put me in a weird place, a place of joy and of pain. A place where my soul knows only his name.
Where my heart listens for instructions from him on how it should beat. Where breathing without him around becomes a major feat.
Where I no longer have control of my emotions so I really have no choice, but to try and make it through another second, minute, hour, excited by only his voice.
My spirit comes alive from his slightest touch, leaving traces of love all over me, intimately, dancing in ecstasy, passionately expressing I’m where he wants to be. How does he control me so much?
They say with pain comes pleasure, and pleasure can bring the pain. With him, I’ve learned both, and I just want to be in control again.

Nikki Lynn 05.01.17


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